What's all the buzz about?
team scope are a commercially led strategic graphic design studio in Sydney.

We're passionate about great design and excited to introduce our first product to Australia and New Zealand designed by Studio Jose de la O in Mexico City the Anti-Fly Sphere.

‘I like flies in my tacos’ – said no Juan ever

We’re also passionate about tacos. The use of a plastic bag full of water hanging from the ceiling of several taco kiosks on the streets of Mexico, is a traditional way to scare flies away. The refraction of the water, amplifies colour and movement making the fly nervous and scaring it away. From this simple concept, the Fly Sphere was born - making it the perfect modern, sustainable pesticide, where the insect remains unharmed and the food is free of flies.

The designer, Jose de la O’s Fly Sphere oozes sleek and contemporary design.

The Fly Sphere is entirely made by hand at a family owned glass workshop in Mexico City. It is individually hand made out of Borosilicate Glass, which is thinner, lighter and can resist abrupt thermal changes.

Recently José de la O has been recognised by Architectural Digest Mexico as one of the Top Ten Mexican Young Designers.

Watch this great video on the making of the Anti Fly Sphere.

The Fly Sphere has been published in:
– Designboom
– The Method Case
– Apartment Therapy
– Inhabitat
– Design Indaba
– Green Muze
– Architectural Digest

Fly Sphere is perfect for any outdoor area – whether home, restaurant, boat or caravan. Wherever the flies are bugging you (pun intended). And thanks to its sleek design, it is perfect for indoors too.